Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2009 Summer Rhythm Renewal New Details

Hello Rhythm Family and Welcome Spring!

I am very pleased to announce several new experiences just added to our 2009 Summer Rhythm Renewal Retreat. If you are planning on being there this year, be sure to register early. We are on track to sell out much earlier this year.

You can register now by calling the Saint Francis University Office of Continuing Education 814-472-3012 to secure your spot.

The Renewal is $279 on or before May 15 or $299 thereafter. (plus housing). http://www.RhythmRenewal.com

One of the great things about the Rhythm Renewal is that all of our instructors will be bringing brand new material to share with you this summer. We pride ourselves on being able to empower beginners while challenging those with more experience.

What's new for 2009?

First of all, our family of instructors is expanding-
Let's give them a warm welcome!

Jaqui MacMillan: Jaqui is a wonderful teacher from Westminster, MD who will presenting her workshop "Drumming for Joy". She has studied under drumming masters such as Babatunde Olatunji and Mamady Keita.

We're also adding an art component this year with Renewal alum Stephanie Smith: Aside from rocking the shekere', Stephanie is a gifted artist who will be presenting her workshop titled "Mandala: An Artful Meditation". Examples of Stephanie's mandalas can be found here.

William "Whit" Whittten will present: "Djun Djuns 101"
The djun djuns are akin to the bass guitar of West African music. Usually a set of three large barrel shaped drums,the djuns are played with sticks, and can be played sitting or standing. We will learn the "village" style of playing djuns, and several traditional West African rhythms. Finally, we will experience how djembe parts interlock with djun parts for a polyrhythmic fun fest! Great for drummers at any level.

And by popular demand,
More dancing at the Renewal!

Becky Bickford will presenting West African Dance workshops more info coming soon...

Rhei C Gordon Bura will be presenting Nia Movement & Dance workshops- more info coming soon...

Elie Kihonia will do more Congolese Dance and Drumming as usual...

and more...

Renewal Vet Mike Deaton will be presenting more "all percussion" workshops this year.

Renewal Vet Jim Gagnon presents: "The Dreamtime Workshop"

Explore the possibilities of Dreamtime and Energywork through sound. This class includes beginning and advanced didgeridoo technique, Native American flute technique and vocal toning for meditation and therapy. We will experience many different realms of the awareness of sound and it's application as a healing tool. Add a touch of storytelling and humor for a fun and easy class for all ages.

Also, Renewal Vet (and wonderful Lehigh Valley facilitator/community hub) Moe Jerant will offer:
  • Women's Rhythms: A look at rhythms associated with women and their rites of passage.
  • Stick Rhythms: Unusual and somewhat trance like rhythms integrating the use of hand and stick.
  • HealthRhythms Drum Circle: An opportunity to drum for community and stress reduction.
Harry Pepper will offer another installment of shamanic journey drumming.

Tina Stroh will offer early morning yoga.

And I will offer all new Yoga of Drum and Chant Experiences as well as an all new Drumming/Ecstasy& Evolution workshop...

Whew...this will be fun!
I imagine there will be a few more good surprises as well...stay tuned.
Peace, Jim

You can register now by calling the Saint Francis University
Office of Continuing Education 814-472-3012 to secure your spot.

The Renewal is $279 on or before May 15 or $299 thereafter. (plus housing). http://www.RhythmRenewal.com

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

5 Ways to Create A Deeper Connection with Your Music : Part 3

View Parts 1 and 2 of this series...

by Jim Donovan

5th step: Be the example. This step is all about action. It's about doing all of these things; learning the mechanics, integrating your physical body into the pattern, integrating your breath into your phrases, aligning your intent into the music you are creating and then displaying these actions. Remember, that the best way to positively influence those around you is to just "do what you do" and let them watch and potentially assimilate your actions.

Many musicians get stuck early in their learning thinking that the whole goal of being a musician is the flawless execution of technique. Once the execution becomes highly advanced, sometimes they will feel they have reached their highest potential as a musician and will stop working towards a true connection to he music.

Music is not just the notes, lyrics, chords or rhythms- it's all of those things combined with humanness. Once you begin to integrate all that you are into your music, your whole perspective will change on what it really means to play music.

You may also discover that not only are you playing music, but the music is just as much playing you.