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What is the Summer Rhythm Renewal?

What is the Summer Rhythm Renewal?
Testimonials from last year's participants

It is a gathering of diverse people that love music in all its forms, but who have found the joy that comes from hand drumming and the benefits it brings to the body and the soul.
-Janet Keefer

a well-planned, centering, really fun event where it is easy to relax, and make new friends -- all while drumming!
-Cindy Carroll

Rejuvenation of the mind and spirit! Rhythm Renewal allows us an opportunity to participate in intriguing workshops facilitated by experienced and fabulous teachers and/or mentors; the experience encourages us to take time to explore our inner child and today's self; it is an opportunity to meet and laugh with beautiful people; but most importantly the whole experience leaves us with an enlightened and awakening sense of soul; and reflection of what and who is truly important in our lives!
-Corinna Bealer

Rhythm Renewal is a wonderful rejuvenating 4 day workshop where you are immersed in rhythms, song and dance. It gives voice to the soul of everyone in the group and the group as a whole. It teaches us all the concepts of focus, cooperation, and harmony. It is filled with fun, joy and love... It is just an indescribably amazing and awe inspiring experience ......surreal and other worldly and one that we carry back into our regular lives. The spirit there is totally uplifting and it's an oasis in time to look forward to throughout the year.
-Mary Cogley

Rhythm Renewal is all about renewing the rhythm of self. I had no idea this would be so introspective; it was great.
-Gloria Chlopik

The Rhythm Renewal is an explosion of energy, a spiritual supernova. The first year I went, I thought it was about drumming, but it's really not. Drumming is just Jim's key to the door which opens up the self.
- Andy Patton

a contained place of intention
- PJ Roduta

Rhythm Renewal is putting everything and everyone on hold from where you were and becoming alive and free to be who you are. Experiencing the rhythm of sound, rhythm of oneness, and the renewal of a spiritual connection.
- Victoria Durst

A Rhythmic Experience for your heart, mind, body and soul...
- Nino Vella

An enlightening, vibrating, opening on a mountain that allows all to come together in the love of music, in respect of all musicians and in the desire to connect with yourself and that drum!
- Patrice

A chance to leave everything else in your world behind and focus on nothing but "drumming" or whatever your musical ability may be. To allow yourself through those 4 days to refine and bring that internal rhythm of yours to the surface and just let it be.
- Mary Hinkson

A fulfilling musical/percussion learning experience/getaway in the mountains filled with lots of great music, drumming to your heart's content, seeing old friends, meeting new friends, good food ... a time you wish would never end.
- Tom Freeman & Linda Sachs

This is a fantastic "chill-out" time from my day to day work routine. It proved to be a spiritual renewal, setting in motion the possibility of re-energizing my entire being in some holistic way.
- Carole Freeman

It's designed to revitalize and re-energize the human spirit through rhythmic hand-drumming in a group of like-minded people, who work together so well that we become one sound.
- Dina Creighton

Rhythm Renewal is a gathering of spirits who find drumming a wonderful part of life...A chance for our inner child to come out and play by dance, by closing your eyes and learning that new rhythm, the one you couldn't quite get the day before or maybe the year before. We come together to learn rhythms, to dance, to laugh, to DRUM!
- Ramona

We call it "drum camp." It's a time to be away from home for some concentrated drumming and also to be introduced to new instruments and thoughts.
- Doug Patterson

It is four days focused on finding and getting in touch with your true self; the drumming is an added bonus. The Rhythm Renewal is a Family where everyone is welcome and encouraged to express themselves and their feelings... I know that it is a place that will accept me, no matter what condition I am in and it is a place where I feel loved and accepted, exactly how I am. I guess simply put, the Rhythm Renewal is the way the world should be, full of love and acceptance.
- Amy Cauldwell

It is a place of self expression without judgment. It provides motivation and encouragement to set you on your rightful path. The drumming IS an added bonus, because there is so much more to take away from the experience. Each year I attend the event, my life becomes richer.
- Stephanie Smith

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