Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Intention and Creating Your Desired Condition

Photo by Kaylyn Oshaben

Intention and Creating Your Desired Condition

by Jim Donovan

The power of intention is an important ally in learning to direct your energy. Intention means consciously deciding to bring about a specific circumstance. For example, you can hold an intention of creating a peaceful environment around you. In the process of creating this environment, you first have the thought, then as you hold the thought, you take action. Thought without action only moves energy in small ways. Thought coupled with action, emotion and desire allows you to manifest. The thought of the desired circumstance followed by action, is intention- which ultimately progresses towards manifestation.

As important as it is to understand your core beliefs, it's equally important to understand your intentions behind why you choose to act in a particular way. It's kind of like seeing the flower but also knowing where the root is and what causes it to grow.


  1. Anything we have ever done started with the idea of it. But that idea is a very fine and fragile thought form floating in the cosmos and can easily be dismissed by mere in-attention. It lose even its slight form. However, if there is some radiance or passion that follows that form with some regularity it can very quickly start to gain structure, until it actually has gone through the various stages of etheric manifestation, and "arrives" in what appears to be a concrete form, though even this is a bit of an illusion.
    For ex: About 6 years ago Jim did a workshop here in Rehoboth Beach at the local Yoga studio. I loved it and it was my first one. I knew nothing about drumming. Since then I have attended many circles and got hooked. I have about ten drums that I use to lead local circles. But I want more instruction, more participation locally.
    One day I was sitting in my shop and had the thought. "I am going to contact Jim and have him come on down!" My next thought was simple. What to do , how to do it? etc. Now Nov 7 is fast approaching.
    Every day of your life is like this. I love what Jim says about looking at our intentions behind our actions. This is the path to raising not just our consciousness, but by extension, the consciousness collectively of those we interact with. Taking the time to really be present and see what the gift of this moment is revealing!
    This is where healing begins.
    As Jim likes to say "I am all in"!

  2. This is great thanks for sharing David!