Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twelve Things I Always Do When Recording Drum Set

 by Jim Donovan

The studio can be a wonderful place to express yourself and listen to your music come to full fruition. Other times it can become a nightmare of endless takes, inter-band squabbles and ear fatigue.

To help you make the best of your recording time I compiled list of twelve things I always do in the studio that have helped me create inventive, solid tracks that feel great.

1. Serve the song first. Only play what the song needs and nothing else.

2. Get the best take you think you can, save it, and then do one more to see if you can beat it.

3. Always record the "practice" takes.

4. Isolate and rehearse transitions and bridges 3 times as much as the verse and chorus.

5. Experiment with using different types & combinations of click tracks. Subdivide the beat beyond 1/4 notes.

6. Before the first note breathe deeply and exhale as you play the beginning of the track.

7. Breathe into and out of fills and transitions as of you were playing a wind instrument.

8. Create your fills ahead of time.

9. Plan more than one approach to a song.

10. Do a take or two that ignores your "plans". Go out on a limb, get creative and see what happens.

11. Never settle for "good enough". You'll end up regretting it in a few days.

12. Once you get in the groove of a song do multiple takes without judging or discussing. Then take a break to listen back.

Now go and make your masterpiece.
Good luck!

Do you have a few studio tips you'd like to share?
Comment below.

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