Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Rhythm of Life Design

by Jim Donovan

I want to share something with you.

If you've been to one of my workshops over the past few years you may have noticed that in addition to teaching about drumming and music, that I am *very* passionate about motivating you to take action to better yourself. I've found that the more energy I spend discussing and sharing these ideas with others, the more I am inspired to take action to better myself. 

In the last year, the energy around this passion has become so pronounced, that I've made a decision to combine forces with my longtime friend and colleague Dr. Harry Pepper to create the most powerful experience we could imagine-- one that focuses on giving you the tools and ideas to you need to heal, evolve and align with your life's true purpose.

An so it is with great pleasure I announce to you:
The Rhythm of Life Design

During The Rhythm of Life Design, we guide you in the creation of an effective personal action plan that to assists you in becoming aligned with your life's true purpose using the tools of rhythm, writing, guided imagery and honest reflection.

Our intention for the program is to help you to uncover patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back from what you truly want in life, while also teaching you how to transform the things that drain away your vitality.

In The Rhythm of Life Design you will have an opportunity to:

    •    Look deeply and honestly at your life and the choices you've made so far.
    •    Reflect upon and challenge what you believe to be true about yourself.
    •    Perform your own preparatory exercises such as rhythmic breathing, visualizations and running energy.
    •    Learn specific reality creation philosophies and techniques.
    •    Create a personal mission.
    •    Learn how to completely transform habits and patterns that drain away your vitality.
    •    Learn how to effectively and safely release unexpressed emotional energy.
    •    Create a detailed plan of action to continue your life design work immediately after the workshop.

Are you ready to create lasting positive change in your life and to align with your life's true purpose? Now is the time.

Join us for The Rhythm of Life Design this year at the following locations:
Advance registration strongly suggested. Space is limited and will fill quickly.

July 27/28, 2010 Loretto, PA :: Rhythm of Life Design 2 Day Intensive $199

October 23, 2010 Greensburg, PA :: Rhythm of Life Design 1 Day Intensive :: $149/or $129 by Oct. 1, 2010

November 13, Coopersburg, PA (Near Allentown, PA) :: Rhythm of Life Design 1 Day Intensive :: $149/ or $129 by Nov. 1, 2010

Now is the time... and now is just the beginning.

What the participants are saying:
Rhythm of Life Design helped me get back on my true path. I had come to this workshop with certain goals and expected only to learn how to be more focused with them. Although I did learn how to focus, I also unexpectedly found out that those same goals I had were actually my blocks to my true calling, and I really thank you and Harry for helping me get back on track. -- Rick Gulczynski

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