Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Someone Tell This Guy to Take a Breath

Here's a shot of a young me holding my breath for 15 minutes while playing a set at the 1993 Great Blue Heron Music Festival I mentioned a few posts ago. I'm playing my old Yamaha kit that got destroyed in a flood a few years later..

This festival was responsible for opening my eyes to all kinds of amazing people and music. One of the common themes that seems to run through most of the artists there (especially the old time fiddle music) is that the musicians are really listening and reacting to each other. There is so much musical magic to be had when we serve each other like that...

Pictured behind me in the purple shirt is festival organizer Dave Tidquist. This guy has such a nose for amazing music. I owe him a great deal for taking RR under his wing and supporting us like he did.

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  1. Nice pic Jim! You look really different nice. Killer cut off shorts! GBH is an amazing time. It was the first place I participated in one of your drum work shops. Mind blowing!