Saturday, February 21, 2009

Phil Donahue Covets My Shirt

This was backstage at the Conan O' Brien Late show performance. Phil was one of the other guests that night. He seemed like a cool guy, but we only had 2 minutes and then we had to play our segment...

TV performances were always so strange. The build-up of how much they were going to effect our career was always so huge, which in turn made me put extra stress on myself to make sure it was the "best performance ever". Most times I felt like I over-played, instead of just relaxing and enjoying the experience.

Whether shows like this ever had a "career defining effect" is up for debate. I know our publicists, label and management sure liked to tell everyone over and over again that we "did Conan"...

On the set, everything was incredibly regimented and planned out to the second. We would be given a specific time allotment and were told we couldn't go over it, so we'd practice whatever song we were doing and have to edit it down in rehearsal to the amount of time we had.

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