Friday, October 8, 2010

3 Steps To Transforming Your Life

3 Steps To Transforming Your Life


by Jim Donovan

1. Pre-Visualize The Outcome You Desire
Whatever the situation is, you can affect the outcome of it by imagining the IDEAL scenario ahead of time. Use as much sensory detail as possible. What does it look, sound, smell like? What emotions do you have as you imagine the success of the situation? Feel them as if they were real. (Eventually they will be!) Hold this idea in your mind. Believe that it is possible.

2. Learn To Focus ALL Of Your Attention At Will
Resist the urge to constantly multi-task and instead use the secret of the most successful people in the world by putting yourself in "the zone". Remember that being in the zone is full and complete attention the moment your are in. Give all yourself to that moment. Be ALL IN.

Try this the next time you are having a conversation with someone you love: Give all of yourself to that person as you LISTEN to them. Resist thinking about what you will say next. Just listen to them with all of your attention. Experiment with this focus for one week and notice if your interactions and relationships change.

3. Learn To Turn Failure Into Your ALLY
Contrary to popular belief, failure doesn't have to be something that only causes humiliation and ego bruising! Remember that while there is no excuse for being unprepared, failure simply tells you how NOT to do something. That's all. Everything else we project onto our failures is simply a waste of our precious time and energy. Use the energy of failure to propel, rather than stop you.

Failure is not the enemy. Fear is your enemy.
If you aren't failing in some way, you may not be pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone...

Ok... so I know I said three steps, but while we're at it, how about some honest reflection?

Answer these questions as truthfully as you can:

Fast forward to the moments before your very last breath.
1. How will you feel about the life you lived?

After you die...
2. How do you think others will remember you?

You have the gift of being alive now.
If you aren't doing what you love and if you feel like you aren't living out your true purpose, I'd like to invite you to change something.


  1. Thanks Jim
    This is great advice to realign/center oneself. Ahhhh to be so young and wise.
    Mary H.

  2. Jim, Thank you! Your words are a reminder to ground and center - much needed at this time of your.

  3. Thanks for the 3 steps Jim. I have been focusing on #2 lately and it is transforming. Even if I am doing the dishes and feeling the warm soapy water to the clean sqeakiness of the dishes in that moment that is all there is. I have now transformed a chore into a zen thing. Thanks again for your insights and sharing them.

    Drum on,

  4. So wonderful Paige. It is real work for sure...