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Increase Your Energy And Awareness Through Rhythmic Breathing

 Photo by Kaylyn Oshaben
by Jim Donovan

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being not quite awake, but also not fully asleep? This "in between" state of consciousness can be an very powerful ally in your personal growth and wellness. The good news is that it is quite easy and quick to induce and it costs nothing but your effort. While you are lucid, your physical and mental bodies enter into a state that is both rejuvenating and receptive to suggestion. Knowing this, you can begin to make powerful changes in your life by simply understanding how to bring about this condition and then making it work to your advantage. When your mind is awake, yet relaxed, it becomes more open to new possibilities and with that comes an opportunity to create the reality you desire.

Prior to doing the exercise below, think about a aspect of yourself that you would like to improve upon. Then create an intention by putting this thought into the form of an "I am..." statement such as "I am radiantly healthy." or "I am patient." or "I am financially abundant." After you've come up with your statement of intention, do the steps below to place the new idea deeply into your consciousness so that it can begin to become a part of you. Your mind only believes what you tell it to, and so by actively using this technique you can begin to take more responsibility for the creation of your life's conditions.

Read these steps all the way through first, and then do them in order.

Step 1: Prepare yourself. Find a quiet comfortable spot where you can sit or lie down with your eyes closed for 2-5 minutes, take two deep abdominal breaths and just let yourself begin to let go of all outside thoughts. Give yourself this time as fully as you can.

Step 2: How to move your hands. Place both hands on your lap (or on a drum if you prefer) and begin to tap your hands on your lap alternating between your right and left hands. It's important that you use a specific tempo with your hand movements. The easiest way to find the correct speed is to imagine the sound of a stopwatch like the one used during the opening of the news show 60 Minutes and tap along with the beat of the ticking. If you are musically inclined, the tempo we are using are eighth notes at 58-60 beats per minute. Let go of any worries about "messing up" or not having rhythm, just do your best.

Step 3: Integrate a deliberately slow breathing pattern. I call this technique you are about to do "Rhythmic Breathing". In this step you will be simply connecting the points where you are inhaling and exhaling to the tapping of your hands. The idea is breathe in and out to a slow count of four within the tempo your hands are moving.

For example: 
Get the ticking of the stop watch in your mind and connect your breath to your hand movements like this... BREATHE IN tap tap tap tap tap tap tap TWO tap tap tap tap tap tap tap THREE tap tap tap tap taptap tap FOUR tap tap tap tap tap tap tap BREATHE OUT tap tap tap tap tap tap tap TWO tap tap tap tap tap tap tap THREE tap tap tap tap tap tap tap FOUR tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. REPEAT.

Continue rhythmic breathing for 1-2 minutes or longer if you wish. If you feel light headed or dizzy at any time stop the exercise. Only do what your body comfortably allows you to do.

Step 4: After you are finished rhythmic breathing, you may cease hand movements and just breathe at a comfortable pace. Notice how this breathing exercise has made you feel. Your body may feel tingly or buzzing. Your mind may feel clear, lucid and relaxed and it is during this state of mind where you can actively inject your statement of intention into your consciousness using the "I am" phrase you created. Gently repeat the statement to yourself several times in your mind as you feel this ultra-relaxation washing over you, doing your best to believe the statement to be true, even if it hasn't occurred yet. See yourself embodying and becoming whatever this statement is visually in your minds eye with as much sensory detail as possible... then let it go and sit or lay peacefully for as long as you like.

Step 5: Give thanks knowing that you are now on the way to bringing this intention into your physical reality.

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