Saturday, January 30, 2010

How To Create Your Ideal Condition in Under 5 Minutes

Mandala Art by Stephanie Smith

by Jim Donovan

Before you go to sleep tonight, try this...

All you need are three to five minutes to make this exercise powerfully effective.

Imagine your ideal condition whatever it is- better health, better finances, better relationships... Think about this ideal condition with all of the sensory detail you can.

Be unlimited.

In your mind's eye, see this condition as if it were true. Focus as much of your attention on this ideal condition for as long as you can before falling asleep.

Try this for the next 22 days and notice if anything related to your ideal condition begins to emerge in your life. Tomorrow, notice if you begin to do anything differently...

I'd like to hear about your progress.. 
feel free to stop back and leave a comment to share your story.


  1. great wisdom here JIm, when we do this, we are training the super conscious or higher self to work on our behalf or desires. Follow this advice, change your world! Scott Sandoz

  2. Thanks for sharing Jim. I'll wake up the following morning and give thanks that its happened. Ronnie Pulley

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  4. Thanks Scott and Ronnie. It is a very powerful practice, I notice that my actions and thoughts the next day are much more aligned with what I focus on the night before... Physical result like new habits are already happening on several levels..

  5. Thanks Jim - been doing this for a few nights with regard to career. It's not so easy - I think there is some resistance there for me. It oughta be fun to imagine my ideal condition, right? I'm going to continue, and see if I can have fun with it. I'd like to let go of resistance and allow good things to show up.

  6. Interesting idea, Jim, but I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Do you suggest focusing on a particular ideal condition, one that you aren't in but would like to be, and playing it out in your head as if it were true, envisioning it with as much sensory detail as possible?