Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Play Water Bottles

We call polycarbonate resin containers "Moondrums" because they're the first drum light enough to be carried into space...the underrated sound source of the 21st century.
We began using and experimenting with them in 1994. They have served us well, lightweight and reliable tools, whether with a batch of kids in a school or community center somewhere, in the streets of Downtown Dallas and Fort Worth, or in a recording studio somewhere.
When played with the hands, they take on a dreamlike, reflective quality, and played with one wrapped stick or mallet and one hand they are useful in drum circle situations, where a loud instrument is a must...

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  1. This is soooo great! Another way to recycle, reuse and, create and have a great time! ThanksJim for sharing! Ase' Elizabeth O

  2. I have recently been experimenting with several fish tanks and two turtle terrariums and have been duly amazed with the potential of such medium. Wondering if ye have any thing of help in this regard. P.s. one of my turtle's names is Little Jimmy Donovan!!!