Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Horde 96

The Horde Tour was a great time...
During that tour it rarely, if ever, rained during our set.

However, it almost always rained on poor Lenny Kravitz. Poor guy would get shocked over and over from dampness and lightning.

Lenny and his band were phenomenal- especially Cindy Blackman the drummer. Incredibly nice people too..

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  1. I saw the festival in Hershey, PA. Concert was great - my first festival style show with multiple stages. I only went to see RR & Lenny K. We left during Neil Young's set and completely blew off Blues Traveler.

    Was raining on the way out, but stopped when we got there. I wasn't allowed to take my umbrella into the stadium, had to leave it outside. Of course it was gone when I came back out, so I helped myself to someone else's. I feel bad about that....