Monday, January 26, 2009

I am often reminded of how thankful I am for drumming...

In my life, drumming has allowed me to live out childhood dreams and also pass along this freedom of expression to countless numbers of people. It's allowed me to learn more about myself, and it's allowed me to evolve as a person.

Maybe some time ago, you came to one of my workshops, or attended a community drum circle. You were provided with a space in which - if only for a few hours, you could safely make noise, drum, yell, dance, and forget about life's problems.

You had a fantastic time, and vowed to make drumming a permanent part of your life. But life goes on as it does, and we get busy and we forget about the good stuff. You were never were able to find the time to get back to that place. That place that made you feel so fulfilled, so grounded and so free.

Drumming is not only satisfying as a social or community event, but also as a healing experience that feeds your spirit. It drops you into a space of presence, of being in the moment, of moving towards openness, and it reminds you that it's ok to push things aside and create space for you yourself to let go and enjoy life.

Each one of the reasons listed above is exactly why I have centered my own life around drumming- and through that, I continue to dedicate my life to help people to move themselves into a more positive and centered place through the sound and vibration of the drum.

Now is the time to do something for yourself.
Now is the time to get out and drum!

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