Friday, January 2, 2009

The Power of Presence

Presence means being completely and fully immersed in the moment that you are in. It is full uninterrupted concentration and allowing.
Presence means being undistracted by unrelated thoughts.

You may have heard the term *being in the zone* used by athletes which alludes to presence. Presence is effortless, full and perfect.

Being present is what ultimately affects the *quality* of your interactions and experiences. When we multi-task - we do get things done, and we can check stuff off the list.... In contrast, when you're present, when you are fully immersed, you may not get as much quantity done, but the *quality* of that which you're doing is significantly affected for the better. You are better able to fully manifest ideas, interactions and experiences when you are allowing yourself to enter into them with your total being.

Enjoy you day!

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