Thursday, January 22, 2009

Uncle Donny on the Bus

This is a photo of John Buynak (on the right) and our first bus driver Uncle Donny who taught us the ways of the road. Our first bus happened to be BB King's old Bus. I took that as a good omen...

Among the many good Uncle Donny stories, one that sticks out is when he told me (imagine a very gruff southern drawl) "Jim, there's a rule in the south that says 'You can say anything you want about anyone you want to, as long as you follow the insult with Bless their heart."

I still use that rule to this day...


  1. BB King's old bus ... a good omen, indeed.

    And yeah, I'm well familiar with that "rule." :D

  2. Does anyone know where Uncle Donny is today 2/20/2010? He used to have his own web site his son set up for him. It was called on the I am and old friend of his from Oklahoma City. We had quite a few road trips together.