Friday, March 13, 2009

Allow me to introduce "Drum the Ecstatic"

Allow me introduce "Drum the Ecstatic" by Jim Donovan

If you like to dance, have fun and listening to intense African infused drumming music. Check out my band "Drum the Ecstatic". We do an exciting combination of West and Central African music as well as many fun covers from Fela Kuti to Bob Marley to Rusted Root. I love playing with these guys, because every night we do something different and they challenge me to become a better musician.

Playing the group are mainstays such as Congolese music master Elie Kihonia on vocals, keys and drums, PJ Roduta & Bryan Fazio on congas and percussion, Brandon King on keys and percussion and myself on drum set & vocals. We often have good friends like Mike Deaton, Harry Pepper, Etse Nyadedzor, Sogbety Diomande, Bill Burke, Paul Berkobin, Bob Corson, Brian Bromka, Stephanie Smith, Moe Jerant, Jim DiSpirito and many others sitting in with us.

The cast of musicians is constantly changing which keeps it fun for us. Most times we play with no set list and just call out songs as they come up. We've been known to play shows where an hour of it are pieces we know, while other pieces we just make up on the spot. We've even been known to play an hour of disco & R&B covers if the mood strikes....

Mostly Drum the Ecstatic is all about just playing good music and enjoying each other.

If you have the urge to get your drum on, join us for our next concert on March 21 in Beaver, PA. Here are the details...

You can also check our schedule for all future dates here...

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