Sunday, March 8, 2009

Evolution and Progression

Photo of Summer Rhythm Renewal : Congolese Dance Workshop

Evolution and Progression by Jim Donovan

The process of uncovering layers of accumulated learned behaviors and finding our true self IS evolution.  We sometimes get tricked into believing that in order to evolve, we need to become someone different than who we really are.  Evolution isn't about reaching outside ourselves, it's about moving inward and evolving through the process of de-layering- of removing bad habits and old patterns that no longer serve us or our higher good. That's how we are able to progress, transform, and ultimately evolve.   

As we move along our own paths- as we evolve, our progression affects everyone around us because these people have no choice but to witness our transformation. By consistently modeling progressive minded behavior, family, friends, and acquaintances will be affected by our actions and our ways of being. For example- when you spend time with people, it's easy to assimilate another's energies.  We can take on a persons mannerisms, their way of speaking, and if we resonate strongly with their ideas, we often assimilate those as well- eventually making those ideas our own.

The process of personal evolution is work.  It's your work.  As you face life's challenges along the path to transformation, stop and think about your last day on this planet. Think about what would be most important to you in your last hours as you reflect on the life you've lived. In times of frustration, try to take yourself to that place - the things you hold most important at the end of it all.  What things created joy in your heart? What things would you regret? Who did you lift up?

The purpose of this reflection is to remind you that you are responsible for giving yourself perspective. You are in charge of making sure that you are living the live that YOU want. We can encourage others, and we ourselves can be inspired over and over again.  But as inspiration fades, we still need to stay strong and continue to move forward.

In your heart, if you feel that there are changes to be made, that there are things to be let go of, that there are parts of you to still be transformed, now is the time to do that. Now is the time.

And now is only the beginning...


  1. Thanks for taking the time to share this. You lift me up.


  2. Oh so true!
    You amaze me Big brother!
    I love reading how you think! It reminds me that we do think a lot a like!!! You can put it into words so smoothly! I love you !
    Thank You for sharing! Keep it coming!
    Love Your big lil sis,