Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rhythm and Drumming Together

Ngoma drum photo by Kaylyn Oshaben

Rhythm exists at the core of everything. Like a note struck on a piano, our bodies and everything around us is constantly vibrating at a specific frequency. At our core, we are both rhythm and music.

Our brainwaves pulse at a specific tempo during certain times of the day. Our heart beats, and we have the ability to speak. Spoken language depends on rhythm to exist. All notions of "I have no rhythm" are a manifestations of fear.

My responsibility as a workshop facilitator is to help create an environment where people can move past this fear and replace it with a positive experience that inspires empowerment. The group drumming experience is the great equalizer. It breaks through man-made barriers such as race, creed, sex, age, beliefs, and socio-economic status. The more people begin to experience drumming and the phenomenal power it has to heal, and bring joy, the more they want it.

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  1. Yes! We are rhythm itself...our breathing, the steps we take throughout the day, all is patterned.