Monday, March 23, 2009

Temptation and Breaking Patterns

Temptation and Breaking Patterns
by Jim Donovan

Temptation is another roadblock to evolution that comes in a million different forms. We can be tempted to overindulge, to wallow in guilt or self-pity, to gamble, or to complain, and it's such a powerful force because it ties in directly with our patterns. When we are actively trying to change a pattern within ourselves, temptation often holds a strong charge until we have been able to successfully transform the pattern in question.

When you are tempted by something, what do you do?

With something that's tempting you, try this simple approach to help you overcome giving in. When you are in the midst of, or in the fire of being tempted, tell yourself, "I'm just going to wait 10 minutes. I'm going to give myself ten minutes and see if I still feel the same way then."

During those 10 minutes, occupy your attention with something completely unrelated. Change your environment, read something inspirational, exercise, or turn on some music
. Just by giving yourself a little extra breathing room, you will often be able to resist giving in. Each time you are able to resist, you give yourself a small victory which helps to build your confidence. Eventually, after resisting the temptation repeatedly, you will break the old pattern and create a newer healthier one.

Give yourself the space to make mistakes. If you fall, get back up and spend your energy on maintaining self-discipline instead of spending it on beating yourself up. Feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of your precious energy, and it keeps you from moving forward and from experiencing growth.

Remember that balance and moderation are the keys to creating sustainable patterns.

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