Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Breathe Consciously : 3 Easy Steps

How to Breathe Consciously
3 Easy Steps
by Jim Donovan

Imagine a pouring water through funnel. Now imagine pouring water through a wide open pipe. The smaller the opening, the longer it takes for the water to reach it's destination.

These visual metaphors describe the relationship between breathing, creativity and openness. The water represents energy and information. The funnel represents restricted breath, and the wide open pipe represents a person who is consciously breathing and relaxed. The more relaxed you become, the more you are able to open yourself to your vitality and creative inspiration.

Try this:
Take the next 30 seconds and dedicate them to yourself.

1. As you read these words, take a slow deep breath into the lowest parts of your lungs so that your belly expands completely. (Just like Santa Claus!). Once your belly is full of air, fill the top of your lungs so that you are completely filled with air.

2. Now exhale slowly and completely. Be sure to push all of the excess air out of your lungs until there is nothing left in there.

3. Now slowly do the same process again. Inhaling into the belly...slowly exhaling.

Notice how different you are feeling even after 2 conscious breaths....
Perhaps you'd like to keep breathing this way for longer than 30 seconds? Feel free!

This breathing style is called a deep abdominal breath. You can use it anytime you have encountered something that has closed you such as fear or stress.
Anytime you have become closed, for whatever reason, it is your job to find a way to reopen yourself. Breath is your ally.


  1. thanks..I needed that reminder..It's been one of those days! Sometimes when I think about how I have been breathing, I realize that I hold my breath a lot. I think a lot of people do this periodically without realizing it. this is a sure way to restrict energy flow. It's amazing how much better a person can feel after just a few of these if I can just apply that to the times when I need it during the day. Now that is the difficult part!

  2. Thanks for posting this, Jim. I actually did this last night when I was awakened by something I had been dreaming. My heart was beating so fast that it frightened me. The deep beathing calmed me right down! It works!

    Peace and Blessings,